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Till debt do us part / wedding videography

Till debt do us part /  wedding videography

Wedding Video Kilkenny - abbey videoIts a short piece  of writing for you  this week as i’m so busy between, weddings, editing, for every county around especially  Tipperary & Kilkenny  but its all local work so all is good! But I  found this last week and thought it might make some interesting reading, Over the years of filming wedding videos in Tipperary / Kilkenny  and all over Ireland I get to see some  fantastic wedding days, from the Engagement party  right up to when the bride and groom dance the night away with family and friends on the big day. Its a pleasure to be part  of a couples wedding day to be among their family’s and friends for quite a number of hours on the day and some times for the Engagement party! But I did write a little about wedding and the way they change over the years but this post touches on the prices, which in these times is a BIG factor with all the costs so have a read and please comment and give me your thoughts.

Wedding Video Kilkenny | Abbey video productionsThe web: The web is now the main part and plays a huge part for couples planning their wedding , Google is a great friend to all to find wedding suppliers, get prices, information, and try and get some help with that dreaded  speech. Google even has a wedding planning site to help you with your wedding you can see it here , even for  us wedding suppliers Google and the web is a powerful tool to have at our fingertips, when you type in wedding video Tipperary orKilkenny I am number one in the Organic search for wedding videos, this I am very proud of !  so get clicking and find you wedding suppler in your local area.They say you can’t put a price on wedded bliss, but €24,000 is a start. Yes, this is the amount that the average couple spent on getting married last year. There are several reasons for this, including the honeymoon, venue and décor. Here are a few other interesting facts about the change in trends for the big day:


Wedding-Video-KilkennyThe length of time for which a couple are engaged has become shorter. In 2012, most couples were engaged for at least 2 years before getting married. However, last year, the majority waited just 13-18 months.As well as this, almost one in four couples live together for at least five years before walking up the aisle. On average, brides are getting married in their late twenties, while grooms are in their early thirties.

Winter Wedding:

Wedding video Kilkenny - Abbey videoDecember is now the most popular month to get engaged, with February following behind.Abbey Video  have filmed some lovely Weddings over the years, the lovely crisp light, the shadows and the frosty blue skies.The hotels ready for Christmas with their decorations, and of course the mulled wine.

Walking Up the Aisle:

 wedding videos in Tipperary / KilkennyAlthough up to a quarter of couples shun a church wedding, it is still the most popular venue in which to hold a wedding.  In years gone by Churches were the place to get wed now you can  get married anywhere you like to a certain extent, and it’s nice for people that are not religious  to have this choice.


Wedding Videographers | Kilkenny 2015

Even though it is still the main preference to have the speeches after the meal, popularity is increasing for having the speeches before the meal as everyone is more relaxed and can enjoy their dinner better.  Speeches they say should be like a mini skirt… long enough to cover the  essentials  but short enough to keep you interested, and it’s true, people do tend to want to get up after a large feed and walk around a bit before the dancing starts, but if your speeches go on too long  it’s hard to keep them entertained.The typical number of guests sitting for the meal is 101-150, with an approximate price range of €35 – €60 per head.  ( I remember doing a video a few years back and there were 380 sitting down for the meal!


Reception Venue:

Civil Partnership ceremony
Civil Partnership Kilkeny

Although hotels remain the top choice for couples as their wedding reception venue, other choices are available and popular among couples.  These include country houses, which host more than 20 percent of Irish weddings, as well as restaurants.  We have some fantastic hotels here in Tipperary with the likes of Clonmel Park,  Hotel Minella Clonmel, Raheen House,  then just over the border in Kilkenny you have  The Newpark Hotel, the Ormond Hotel, and a lot more.

“How much”, I hear you ask?   read on ……..

They tell us an average wedding cost €24,000

Ok so what costs  all this money?  Well below is the average amount spent on various aspects of a wedding:

Venue : €9,825

Band: €1,850

DJ : €350

Photographer: €1,435

Videographer : €850

Wedding dress:  €1,570

Bridesmaid dresses : €550

Suits : €626

Ceremony music: €415

Wedding car: €420

Make up €265

Hair and others  €235

Jewellery €510

Wedding cake : €340

Flowers  €615

Favours €225

Candles €125

Hen / Stag : €500

Honeymoon: €4950

Extras : €1,170

And don’t think you will be finished with just the above, as your wedding day draws near there is always some thing that crops up, so make a budget and stick to it!


Hope you enjoyed my post ~  Joe on facebook 


Kilkenny wedding 2015

Wedding Videography Service in Kilkenny / Carlo
Wedding Videography Service in Kilkenny

My idea of creating a website  just for wedding videography services  in Kilkenny  following feed back for brides and grooms around Kilkenny & Carlow areas has been a huge success for me. Bookings have been pouring in from the areas I have targeted, and of course its a huge thank you to all the couples that have me booked for this year – 2016 – 2017 and I got my first 2 booking for 2018 ! this morning in Kilkenny so happy days there so that’s my little bit of feedback on the site, as one bride said  to me today pity  some other Wedding videographers  did not think of it earlier… well they are to late now !


Now talking about Kilkenny, I filmed a lovely wedding there 2 weeks ago for Kelly O Shea & Brandon Walsh, both Kilkenny people, Kelly admitted  she priced and looked at samples of other “video” guys but she loved the way my footage flowed  and of course my prices, which was very important  to her and everyone these days along with my invisible way of filming their wedding day.


Wedding Videography Service in Kilkenny / Carlow
Wedding Videography Service in Kilkenny / Carlow

A quick call to Kelly’s home the morning of the wedding which is just across the street from  St. Mary’s Cathedral in Kilkenny city was a must, its where the fun begins for me  on a wedding day, as everyone is so excited with the make-up people there , the friends and family calling its a real buzz, Kelly kept no one waiting and the day ran like clock work. John Delaney their photographer was all ready there when i arrived, John is a fantastic photographer and also owns  Johns photo boot  we meet  quite a lot at weddings in and around Kilkenny, and of course we both recommend each other to couples which is a great way to network. Brides in Munster, Tipperary and Kilkenny’s  wedding supplier  website was also a part 


Wedding Videography Service in Kilkenny / Carlo
Wedding Videography Service in Kilkenny

After the lovely ceremony by Fr Willie Purcell    who is great fun and makes every couple relaxed with his approach, o yes and he also commented on how unobtrusive  I was …. just thought I get that little bit in  there 🙂  we went to Kilkenny castle for the photo shoot and what a day for the Castle grounds , which is rare these days with our Irish weather, we got some lovely walking shots of Kelly and Brandon and where would you be without the famous  water feature  in the grounds of the castle, As John was taking the last few photographs I made my way to no other than Langtons  house hotel in the center of Kilkenny city, where my good friend Sean was on hand with the champagne, Sean is a great guy makes sure all is going smoothly on the day, myself and Sean go back a long way and he always recommends me to couples who is booking their wedding at Langtons if you look at their wedding sheets Wedding video Kilkenny is number one on it for wedding video.


Wedding Video Kilkenny | Abbey Video Productions
Wedding Video Kilkenny | Abbey Video Productions

Well that’s all for now i’m afraid, as we have a load of editing to get done and my main editor Breda is dowloading a fresh wedding video to the timeline, with 3 more weddings this week – end,  New park Hotel Kilkenny  Thursday |  Hotel Minella Clonmel Friday|  Dundrum House Saturday, but its great  ALL local, 1 from Kilkenny and 2 from my home area of Cashel so happy days. and a thank you to Kelly and Brandon for choosing weddingvideokilkenny.com  to film their wedding day in Kilkenny, but I’m sure I will meet this very popular Kilkenny couple at many more wedding in Kilkenny and Tipperary along the way  ~ Joe  o yes below is  a little feed back Kelly left on my face book ……

 “Just watched our wedding dvd for the 100th time!!! What can I say joe thanks so much you, captured our day perfectly amazing start to finish and your such a gentleman thanks so much absolutely fab job I’d highly recommend you and that’s from th bottom of my heart 💜💜💜💜”